Itunes hosts file mac location

If you would prefer to use TextEdit to edit your hosts file, then don't despair! While saving changes to the hosts files requires a little more effort a normal document, it can still be done.

How to edit the hosts file on the Mac

As the hosts file is in a hidden part of the file system, we need to use the Go to Folder In the box that pops up, enter the following path:. This should open a standard Finder window with your hosts file pre-selected. Double click to open the file in TextEdit or your default text editor and make whatever edits you require.

OS X will ask you whether you'd like to replace the existing file and then prompt you for your password.

How to Edit Your Mac's Hosts File & Why You Might Want To - AppleToolBox

Once the file is saved open your web browser and test your changes - flushing your DNS cache as outlined above if necessary. StuffThat Interests. To edit a text file of this category, the best app on Mac OS platform is Terminal.

However you can edit the hosts file thanks to the Nano editor. The app is already provided inside the Utilities folder, hence no additional download or purchase from app store would be required. Step 1: Find your way towards Terminal.

What And Where Is Hosts File On Mac

Open Utilities folder and it should be chronologically ordered. Step 3: If the command line above is typed in correctly, Terminal would ask for the Admin password. Step 4: Hosts file is now open on the Nano text editor. Now you can edit the Hosts file as you wish. If your other computer is running macOS, you can just use that name directly. If it's running Windows, install iTunes on it, and that'll install Bonjour as well.

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There's supposed to be a way to install just Bonjour without iTunes, but I'm not sure it's up to date. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Setting a hosts file on a Mac

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